is a simple, efficient solution to help you screen tenants and save you time.

Do you have a property you are ready to rent out? Are you getting calls from countless people who are interested in seeing the property? We know that it is never a good idea to meet a stranger at your rental property without obtaining some additional information beforehand. This is where we come in. Let us gather certain vital information, such as a list of references for you to check, in advance of planning that in-person meeting, for your security and to save you time.

By utilizing our service to screen prospective renters, you will not give up your valuable time for a meeting or show your property to a potentially unqualified tenant. With our service you simply send callers who are interested in your property to to complete an application, allowing you to gather some much-needed information before sacrificing your time. Once on our site, applicants enter a custom PIN created by you which allows them to access your online application. Upon completion of the application, the prospective tenant pays a $40 processing fee. The application is sent immediately to your personal account for your review. You simply login to your account, view all of the submitted applications for your property, and choose which references to check and which applicants to meet and/or interview further.

You may be asking, “Why the $40 fee?” It is simple. Collecting the fee allows us to provide this service completely free of charge to you and, perhaps more importantly, it shows that the applicant actually has a bank account or credit card. This provides another source of identification, plus makes rent collection much easier if you decide to accept online methods of payment such as PayPal, CashApp, Apple Pay or Venmo.

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